May 16, 2022

Surviving Life with Kids

The Pulse of Parenthood

Parenting Bored Kids

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Parenting Bored Kids

Parenting Bored Kids

Parenting Bored Kids


Boredom is on a rise in my house. The closer it gets to Friday the more bored they get. Kammy is always walking around saying how bored she is and how she has nothing to do anymore. With the invention of electricity, boredom shouldn’t exist. Throw in internet capabilities and running water and parenting bored kids should be a thing of the past.

Oh but how it isn’t!


Jamilah is the oldest and most complicated one. At 10 years old I see her as a 60/40 mixture of Daria and Barbie. Claiming that she never has anything to do because her $300 phone is worthless, her books are filled with words from dead people and there are a rotation of repeats on tv. Games and puzzles are useless because “they have all been done before”. Art is out of the picture, “well because, I don’t have anything to draw” (she forgets about all her art books) and “music is only good to listen to if you know what you want to listen to”. Oh and a conversation is definitely out of the question because “that’s more boring than reruns”.

I’m SOOO booored!


The youngest at 4, is slightly easier to entertain. But she is an emotional rollercoaster and suggesting the wrong activity may send her into a meltdown.

Kammy has a tablet filled with games that bore her. ABC Mouse isn’t attractive at the moment because her virtual room is filled with toys, and “what’s the point if I cant put more toys in there dad?” The toys that she has in the real world “are old”. Her crayons, “don’t work”, and all other games are boring unless it’s hide and seek (Our apartment is only so big).

While parenting in general is fulfilling and oh such a joy, parenting bored kids can lead to temporary insanity. Though it is probably my fault for spoiling them so much with the electronics, I also incorporate plenty of non-electronic device play. I try and make them use their imaginations. If they are still bored I just start with stories of what it was like in the late 80’s and 90’s. What we did before the internet was everywhere. I like to take them down memory lane every once in awhile. This usually leads to them finding some new interesting activity to do, if not just to get away from me.

Surviving life with kids will not always be filled with pleasant moments. There will be moments that you question not only your sanity but also theirs. Especially Theirs. But the memories that come from it are indeed priceless.

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