May 16, 2022

Surviving Life with Kids

The Pulse of Parenthood

Keep It Simple

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With kids it’s always best to just keep it simple. To many instructions or stimuli and there growing little brains seem to overload. There eyes glaze over and then a calming emptiness hugs them in its warm embrace. That’s the moment that you’ve lost them. To be more specific, that’s the point in which they have drifted away to a place where they are questioning everything that is happening at that very moment. They know that you are speaking, but all they can make out is that your lips are moving. It’s almost as if they have drifted off leaving on a closed sign taped across their foreheads. Your raving on about paying attention fall upon incoherent ears.

With kids it’s always best to just keep things simple”

Keeping things simple has always been the best way to go, especially for entertainment. For a couple of years I tried to get too elaborate and technical. We either had the Xbox going or some overwhelmingly obnoxious Disney movie or tween show playing on the TV. There were radios blaring, lights and buzzers going off every few seconds from the babies toys, asking if she were still playing. Mounds of discarded toys that were only drug out in order to add to the chaos. The countless trivial internet games on the tablets and computers. Things had gotten out of hand. My girls’ lives were taken over by technology and replaced with a lack of imagination and constant stimuli. Surely this isn’t what I intended. I was just trying to make things easier.

So after limiting there interactions with technology things started to get a whole lot better. Easier even. Their attention spans improved. Their creative juices got flowing


In keeping things simple we switched from being entertained by the Xbox to taking nature walks and collecting pieces of nature for future art projects. Instead of watching so much television we now dabble in the fine art of collage making. Paint was smeared on poster boards, small wooden houses all the way to pumpkins. We paint everything. Computer time has been limited and instead of click and jump games we’ve found math and puzzle games (and still a few mindless click and jump games). Reading has had a big uptick around these parts. I’m reading to them; they are reading to me, imaginations are definitely getting used. There’s more reading for longer periods of time and with fewer interruptions.

Keeping things simple is the easiest thing that you can do. Kids don’t require much. Just attention and a little guidance. Cutting out all the extra distractions in their everyday will allow for them to better focus. Being a kid is about having fun while learning in the process. We should aid them in their journey without introducing “life” to them too early. They are only young for a short period of time, let them enjoy it.


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