May 16, 2022

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PSA: Be Careful When Taking The Babies Temperature

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With the never ending erratic weather here in the Midwest, the cold and flu season has been considerably longer than usual. The unusually long cold season has made for some nasty flu bugs floating around. Waiting on vulnerable, unsuspecting humans to come into contact with the cold unsterilized surfaces of society, in order to attack us all and rise up as the new dominate species.
While some of us are sanitary and do our best to not spread these nasty viruses, there are those among us that are what we consider highly susceptible to virus transmission. Most of these threats are under the age of 12, i.e., kids, children, preteens.
To ensure the Publics safety we have posted guidelines for properly taking the temperature of someone who is suspected of being infected. Please follow these guidelines to reduce further injury and to insure that all citizens stay safe.

For a More detailed look at the Bulletin please Click on The Link.
PSA: Be Careful When Taking The Babies Temperature.

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