May 16, 2022

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9 Toddlers that sleep couldn’t stop

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Potty time really wipes you out

As parents, we are always trying to get our kids to go to sleep. Be it nap time or night time. No matter the time of day, we know that they are tired. They know that they are tired. So why won’t they just go to sleep? Sometimes they don’t realize just how tired they really are. Here are 9 Toddlers that sleep couldn’t stop.




7.      The next best thing to getting rocked to sleep , is getting swung to sleep with the warm sun in your face. After a long morning playing, this is the perfect way to doze off…


Toddlers will sleep anywhere




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8.      Not quite sure what happen here, but boy, doesn’t he look cozy?



Toddlers will sleep anywhere



9.      When you’ve got work to do, a sleeping kid can slow you down, even if his farts are less than refreshing. 


Toddler sleeping on dads back



Where is the strangest place that your toddler has fallen asleep?

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