May 16, 2022

Surviving Life with Kids

The Pulse of Parenthood

5 minute mental break

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Time wasters

Time wasters

Every parent should have a 5 minute mental break from their mini me. But finding one is much easier said than done. So how do we get that moment away from the duties of parenthood? From that tiny Hitler who dictates their every need to you while treating you like their slave?

To get that much needed 5 minute mental break, hide a few of your toddlers favorite toys when they aren’t looking. I hide a few of Kammy’s favorite stuffed animals and bring up how I haven’t seen them in a while. “They must be lost!” I tell her. So of course she must form a search party.

Turn it into a game. Leave the planning up to them. Maybe get some other animals involved in the search. The whole point is to get your toddler to do all the work. While reassuring your toddler that they couldn’t have gotten far, get them totally vested in what they are doing.

Being very concerned this leads Kammy to searching every nook and cranny. At least every nook and cranny that a 4 year old will look in. Which is basically just the floor and her toy-box.

I hide a few out in the open. Maybe one just covered by a blanket. Another hiding underneath the bed trying to escape the evil kitty. Her favorite “baby” I put away in a more difficult to find place. Maybe in her dresser drawer or behind a book on the bookcase.


5 minute mental break

While they search, 5 minutes can turn into 10 or more. This is the perfect time to slip away to a quiet spot. Usually for us parents that would be the bathroom. Where we barricade ourselves in, hoping that that dreadful moment will be much later rather than sooner. Our home within a home is what I like to call it.

While Surviving life with kids you have to be a jack of all trades. Deception can be your best tool to get a little mental break from your toddler.



What are some ways that you distract your toddler to get your 5 minute mental break?

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