August 16, 2022

Cat vomit for Breakfast

Krispy is my 9 year old cat and I have had her since her mother gave birth to her on my living room floor. Like most peoples pets, she is part of the family. Just like everyone else in the house she has her own distinct personality. A lot of times that personality of hers makes me think about putting her up for adoption, mostly around feeding time.

Krispy at one point was 3 pounds overweight; although that may not seem like much she is suppose to be a tiny cat. Listening to the vet I cut her food intake down to 1/2 cup a day. 1/4 cup in the morning and 1/4 cup in the evening. She was not pumped up over the decision.

So now whenever it’s close to feeding time she starts her begging. The begging last for about an hour before she gets a chance to eat. Oh but when she does eat, she tears into it. Within a minute, the bowl is empty and she is looking for morsels dropped by her frantic eating frenzy.

What happens when you eat to fast? Yup, you vomit it right back up. And that’s what she does… every morning. Eat… vomit… eat. At Least the cat is into recycling.

Does your cat have vomit for breakfast too?

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