August 16, 2022
Truth in Idioms

“Chin music” is the latest idiom that I didn’t know I needed in my life, until it came across my ears. It’s whimsical, light hearted and kind of sounds like it could be its own genre of music. It’s also versatile in use depending on which word you choose to inflect upon.

Chin Music is the latest Idiom that I didn’t know I needed in my life.

Chin Music is just idle talking. Using it, is to infer that someone is doing more talking than the thing that they are supposed to be doing. The most recognizable situation in which people encounter chin music, is when in the grocery store. It’s usually encountered while trying to go down an aisle; you come across 2 people holding a conversation in the middle of said aisle. Out of politeness you wait a few seconds; hoping that they will get the fuck out of your way on their own. Most times though, you have to rudely interrupt with a smile and a deep burning desire to end their entire bloodline. “Pardon me!” you have to repeat to these arrogant assholes. They have the audacity to block a public aisle people routinely go down and then ignore you? They let out an annoyed sigh and contort their faces into a look of disgust; as if you’re inconveniencing them by trying to get through.

Usually theses inconsiderate meat bags are making chin music, catching up on which sports their idiot kid is participating in for the season. Or how their loser loving spouse is taking up some new benign hobby; most likely to get away from them and their chin music. I have nothing against catching up with an old friend but have that conversation in a place that isn’t going to block the aisle.

The idiom “Chin Music” can be witnessed in all facets of life. Have you ever tried to get somewhere and someone stops you to talk about something you care nothing about? Maybe in your office?

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