May 16, 2022

Surviving Life with Kids

The Pulse of Parenthood

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Remembering… I can remember the good times that were had. The words that were said….

Life's Little lies The bean sprout 2 min read

One of life’s little lies is all about the bean sprout. Bean sprouts are a vegetable grown from the Mung Bean. The taste is described as earthy, crisp, and has an almost mild grassy flavor.

Silence is Golden 2 min read

Pack your bags. The Quietest room in the world is in Redmond Washington. Located in Microsoft’s headquarters, it’s called an ‘anechoic’ chamber. It creates no echo at all.

The Canary Islands are actually named after dogs, not birds. The Islands get their name from a Latin term — Insula Canaria — which means “Island of the Dogs.”

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Truth in Idioms 4 min read
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