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Through Her Eyes!

Viewing the world through the eyes of a four year old is quite the rewarding experience. Through her eyes, my perspective has been shaped to better deal with the insanity that is life. My “Kammy”, as she likes to be called, has a way of viewing the ordinary and making it seem like the most extraordinary thing in existence.

We walk outside on a cold, rainy morning to take my wife to work. With the wind gusting and the rain coming down sideways, we battle our way to the car, holding on tight to the little one as the wind is trying to carry her away. I couldn’t help but think that the Munchkin’s would have there hands full if she were to appear. We teeter on this narrow concrete walkway made for one, but all three of us must travel because Kammy has to hold our hands so that she can swing. Dodging white and green doggy poop land mines, that the owners have strategically left behind in the grass… there may have been a casualty. Here’s hoping for a mound of mud. This is a sucky morning!

Out in the thick of it, swerving around deep pools of standing water, narrowly avoiding collisions with the countless drivers who must be using a prototype tire rated for these biblical conditions, I look up at the sky and curse how grey it is. It reminds me of Seattle’s winter, only with more wind… and colder… and in the Midwest… and it’s the opposite of Seattle.

I turn around to take a look at Kammy to make sure she is warm and content, I see that she is staring out the window while singing to herself. I ask her how her morning is going thus far. With the singing and all I know that it must be a decent ride at least. She looks at me and with a big smile says “Great! It’s a beautiful day outside. I love it today”.

For a split second I smiled and almost laughed at her answer. It surely isn’t a beautiful day out. The rain is coming down sideways and we had to put on our big coats to come outside. It’s too windy for an umbrella and there is no sun. What could possibly make today such a beautiful day. We can’t go on our walk or go to the park. I paused. My curiosity got the best of me and so I asked, What makes today so beautiful?

With the biggest smile on her face and an excitement that only a child can get, she looks back out the window and says, “It’s beautiful outside because it’s raining. I can play with the rain. I can taste the rain. I can feel it on my head. I can be friends with the rain. I can talk to the rain. I love the rain!”

Inconvenience is woven throughout our day. Through her eyes even the stormiest day is beautiful. I’ve learned with the help from little moments like this, that there is always something to appreciate and be happy about. My rainy day got better after that. I don’t think I’ll be friends with the rain, but I will taste it, feel it on my head and love it.

I’m reminded of Seattle with the smell of rain in the air mixed with all the fall foliage. When a calm breeze comes by and tickles the senses with memories. It truly is a beautiful day.

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