Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Revisiting the 90’s

  Remember the 90's? Friday morning, my 9 year old daughter comes into the living room singing a song that I’ve never heard. Normally that’s nothing new, but on this particular morning she was singing “Pump it up, Yeah pump it up Yeah”. My first thought was, where in the hell has she learned these lyrics
and does she know what they mean?  Several mini heart attacks later, after my mind has wandered through horrific scenarios of how she came across such a song, I came back to my senses. I then asked for more information. I wondered if she’s trying to sing that song from the 90’s? I ask, and she swears she made it up herself. After going back and forth for 2 minutes or so on the origin of this less than desirable tune coming out of her mouth,  I do my rendition of what I think she is trying to sing; and then we both agree that maybe I shouldn’t do that… ever again ( there might have also been a dance).

Revisiting the 90’s

         Now this is where the rest of the time that we had together that particular morning gets amusing “pump it up”.  As we’re watching this colorful, hypnotic, seizure inducing video, she ask, “What is that black thing on her waist?” I instantly and literally start rolling on the floor laughing ( It helps that i’m already down there controlling the mouse). I tell her that’s a fanny pack.



“Whats that for?” she ask. During the height of this fashion craze, I was just a youngster and although I had one, I just stored random items such as toys, candy and whatever I found interesting lying on the ground. “From memory” I told her “the old people stored their lives in there. Keys, wallet, Kleenex, address book, cookies,  directions, and such”. Then I get two followup questions “Whats an address book and why were they carrying around directions”?  After explaining why people needed address books and what the world was like pre- 2005, the year she was born, we delved into MC Hammer and “You can’t touch this”. This is where Parachute pants and the ponytail conversation happen.

         We watched a couple more videos before she headed off to school. I was left reminiscing on what other long forgotten trends of the past I could remember. I definitely remember Cross Colors denim and extremely bright clothing. There was my trusty bright yellow Walkman that was shock proof. I even had a Super soaker. I have a lot of great memories of the 90’s. Maybe it was because I was a child entering into my teens, but that was the perfect time to be young and carefree.

revisiting the 90's


     What are some of your favorite trends and music from the 90’s?


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