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The Reason I Write

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The reason I write….

          Writing is an outlet. It plugs into the soul as the words transform reality into a gateway, leading down cavernous halls toward the Id. It delves deep inside the Ego, peeling back layer after layer of ones twisted, yet fragile psyche; filling the emptiness between thoughts with fantastical imagery of the imagination. Writing is a release of the built up anxiety gathered throughout the day. It is expression in one of its purest forms. From your mind to the paper. Writing is freedom. 

What it means to me…

            Writing is about flirting with language in a sensually perverse kind of way. Writing words that become visual aids as the mind translates the meaning. It’s the eloquent exchange between mind and soul. Being able to express yourself in 140 words not just with 140 characters. It forces one to be more introspective, finding ones true self. Writing is an addiction!

What it is I write…

            Words are jotted down in rapid succession as my thoughts take me to unforeseen places. I try not to get hung up on topics as I want to write with meaning. I want to write to ease the suffering and calm the mind. I write what is needed and nothing more. I share what is already lost deep inside, in hopes of extracting a better person. I write to find myself.

What compels you to write?


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