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While I’ve been told that I can be fairly cheap, it only really hit me the other day after my “Big Purchase”. Leaving the store, buyers remorse started to set in. While on the way to the car, I started thinking of every reason to return my purchase… I could’ve used the money for food… I could’ve bought a few art supplies for the kids… Maybe I even could’ve put that much more gas in the car for my wife.

While leaving the parking lot one of the many voices that accompany me throughout the day, reminded me that once I leave, that’s it. I won’t be coming back. I know I’ll talk about going back and returning my purchase, but it’ll never happen. “And that’s how they get you” I was reassured from that nagging voice. While another, more mature voice urged me to “just take it and go”. Leaving skid marks as to make the exclamation that “It’s mine”!
“While fun”, another wise voice chimed in “doing a burnout I will greatly reduce the life of my already balding tires thereby making my purchase that much more expensive”. The voices battle it out. I leave the conversation.

Trying to come up with reasons to return my purchase got me to really start examining my frugalness. Am I really a cheapskate? Or am I just looking out for the financial well being of the family? For the remainder of the ride home I went back and fourth with the validity of my purchase and if it was really worth the money that I had spent.
By the time I pulled up in front of the house I had decided that, I deserve to splurge every once in a while. I’m not cheap or in denial. I’m happy with my purchase AND it will make my time in the kitchen a little easier. So I’m glad I spent the $1.99 at Goodwill and got my mixing bowl. Money well spent!


Mixing Bowl Living cheap

Instead of looking at it as being cheap, I see it as being economically responsible. $1.99 is cheap for what I received in return and for that I should be rewarded, not called cheap. Maybe the fact that I stress over the small purchases is what defines my cheapness.

Do you stress over the “little Purchases”?

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