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Finding indoor activities for kids to do on these cold winter days can be a challenge. Being coup-ed up inside the house isn’t fun for anyone, and when school is out it becomes twice the headache. Trying to keep the allure away that the television has is difficult. There is only so much that can be accomplished in my tiny living room.

After all the forts have been constructed and demolished. After overthrowing vast kingdoms while freeing the fairies and banishing their captors into the baron wastelands.After the alphabet has been butchered and served cold and raw back to me upon grape jam covered lips; I’m reminded as I request Kammy to follow me to the bathroom to get her face cleaned up, that despite my feeble attempts to ward off that mind numbing allure that television has on my kids attention span, Handy Manny already has a foot in this household. I hear myself telling her to “Vamonos Fool”. So television, however educational is out of the question.

My toddler, just as every other toddler, has a very short attention span. And With the recent inclusion of the terms “I’m bored” and “This is boring” added to her vocabulary, the days can seem like weeks while trying to keep her entertained.

“Finding indoor activities for kids to do on these cold winter days can be a challenge.
There is only so much that can be accomplished indoors”


To switch things up a bit and hopefully learn a new life skill in the process, I’ve included cooking to our daily indoor activities. Normally I’m very “hands on” in the kitchen. While really, I just like to do everything myself. I don’t usually care for others in the kitchen with me fumbling about and getting in my way. Suffice it to say I don’t like to share my space when it comes to the kitchen.

But for this “bored”, antsy, talkative child that needs a little something different in her agenda, I’m willing to make an exception. In order to make her feel not only useful while I’m in the kitchen, (where I spend a lot of my day), but also that she is contributing to the family, we’ve decided that cooking can be her contribution to the family. After much discussion and back and fourth, we choose pizza for that perfect entry into the culinary world. This can be her contribution to the family as well as a new indoor activity that surely can’t be boring. I ensure her that for her to to be really helpful she would need to make six small personal pizzas for her and her sister.

We made the pizza dough from scratch. Used canned pizza sauce which i’m usually opposed to but I was short on time. Some pepperoni, shredded cheese and a few black olives finished everything off. Kammy got to assemble everything and help me wrap them and load them into the freezer.

“We were making a “Pizza! pie” not a “pizza, Pie!”


The excitement of “cooking” and the shenanigans that it produced were priceless. I wish that I could tell you that there was a lot of laughing and flour tossing. Maybe a little pizza sauce snafu that led to us running around the table trying to flour each other. There wasn’t. There were a few hurt feelings while having to listen to instructions and during the demonstration stages. Maybe a tear or two when she had to remove some of the sauce from atop the dough. We were making a “Pizza! pie” not a “pizza, Pie!”

After constructing six pizzas and eating one, my toddler has finally contributed to the family, and in the process has learned a new life skill. The excitement has lead to her forming a new type of love with her food. One that isn’t dependent on her staying alive but rather one that is filled with all the possibilities of the things that she can create.

Finding indoor activities for kids to do doesn’t have to be all fun. They can also learn some valuable lessons and skills in the process. In the end she was extremely proud of what she had created with her own two hands. She has talked about it for most of the day trying to get others to taste her creation. Boredom was staved off for an hour or so giving me a chance to prepare for the next round of Surviving life with kids….



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