Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Surviving Life with Kids

The Pulse of Parenthood

Day 2 of “The Struggle”

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The struggle begins

I’m crawling out of my skin into a room filled with chalkboards laden with nails scraping across the surface. The sound filling the air reminding me of what I have given up. What’s been lost. Just one nibble on a lime green, one nervous bite of orange; a pucker of lemony yellow, a ravenous bite of that raspberry sugar coated sour gem;
the last ones left in the bottom of the bag. Buried underneath the sparkly, jagged crystals of bliss just waiting for consumption. If you were to tell me that this amazing substance called “sugar” is actually a top secret experimental drug, developed to enslave humanity by way of mind control or gluttony .. I would not disagree. I could not. At any given moment I’m liable to wander the sub-zero conditions, searching for what my mouth desires. NO!… For what my heart requires! A Snickers fresh out of the wrapper perfectly coated in chocolate and nougat infused with caramel. A Twix for me and none for you. A piece of non sugarless gum even.

Day 2 without sugar… Uuggghhhh “The Struggle” begins

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