Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Surviving Life with Kids

The Pulse of Parenthood

Being Productive… The first 2 1/2

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When trying to be productive… The first 2 1/2 hours

6:20 Sent the wife off to work
6:21 Went back to bed
6:45 Woke up my daughter for school
6:46 Started daydreaming about baking
6:55 Started watching shark tank
7am Stopped watching others attempt to succeed and started writing company bio
7:05 Switched to writing personal bio instead
7:06 Realized personal bio is boring, switched back to writing company bio
7:08 I realize that my company’s vision may be schizophrenic and that someone should do something about that. I’m spent so maybe later
7:10 Pull out the laptop to work on the website.
7:15 Website is a cluster fuck decide to erase it and start over.
7:16 Ponder about if I spelled cluster fuck right.
7:17 Start researching the origins of cluster fuck
7:25 After much research I decide that my website is more F.u.b.a.r (Fucked up beyond all recognition) than cluster fucked
7:26 I Abandon writing all together
7:27 I Think about baking full time
7:30 Gets distracted by Jungle junction theme song and decide to watch ( The 3 year old is awake)
7:50 I start to do my oldest daughters hair
8:00 Finished doing a decent job on daughters ponytail. She didn’t cry this time ☺
8:01 Foraged for breakfast
8:15 Sent my oldest daughter off to school
8:16 Decided that I’m going to take up writing again
8:17 Got the youngest settled so that I write
8:30 Started writing company mission statement
8:55 Finished mission statement
8:56 Back to the website which is F.u.b.a.r

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