Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

A Toddlers Imagination

A toddlers imagination is far from dull.

   A toddlers imagination Backed into a corner on my hands and knees, littered with decapitated heads and severed arms. Deafening explosions shake the ground beneath me. A discarded pile of lifeless babies lie next to me. A faint voice can be heard crying out “mommy” buried from within the pile. Cars and trucks overturned, property destroyed, all in the name of pleasure.A 3 year old little girls imagination has created this chaos. She screams out “help me!” as she imagines a womans legs getting blown off. “Oh no mommy” she screams in a tiny voice. “I’ll save you”. A toddlers imagination is extraordinary. The deafening explosions shaking the ground? The massive subwoofers pumping out the trailer for one of the new action flicks on the home theater system. This is aiding in her battle against the frenzy of sharks attacking the poor innocent Barbies.

Legos are flying and people are screaming. The remote is lost in this void of a playland created to insure my destruction. Survival of the sanest. Who can hold out longer, the 3 year old or me?


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